Affordable Pet Care in a Safe Environment

Agape Acres is a farm environment, not a fancy “foo-foo” kennel. We don’t believe that dogs need piped in music, TV or reclining sofas. We do believe that for “a dog to be a dog” they need room to run and play, places to explore, opportunities to play with other dogs, scents to check out, and attentive loving care. This is what they get at Agape Acres.

We always had two or three dogs and a cat as family pets. We looked forward to family vacations, but it was always a challenge for us to have an affordable vacation with the price of pet care.

We promise to make every effort to make your dog’s stay with us as comfortable, safe, and fun as we possibly can. We want Agape Acres to be the home away from home, “Where we treat your dog like our own!”

Mike and Nancy’s dream!

We recognize that God has blessed us with a beautiful piece of property, a love of animals, and a desire to serve others by meeting a need. Mike and I have raised three wonderful children.

Once we retired, we decided to make it easier for others going on trips by offering affordable pet care in a safe environment with exceptional love and care. Thus Agape Acres became a reality. We opened our gates in September of 2004.

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